Thursday, 4 August 2011


I've just walked past a man in the street, middle aged, slightly overweight, wearing shorts and a white t-shirt, who was playing Ode to Joy on his harmonica. Not busking or anything, just walking along enjoying the sunshine playing some Beethoven on his mouth organ. The image quite tickled me.

It is a particularly glorious day today in Heidelberg. It's about 30 degrees I think. The forecast was storms and showers so I am particularly chuffed. I even considered paying the 50c extra an hour for the posh, air conditioned internet cafe next door.

I arrived here on Saturday about 2pm. I cycled round for a bit to get a feel for the place, posed for a photo in front of the castle on the Old Bridge, and then rang up Michael, contact at Heidelberger Pädagogium, the language centre at which I'm taking my course.

"Mit dem Rad... [by bike]" he said, shaking his head and laughing to himself as he shook my hand.

The final 3 1/2 days of my ride were really fun. I was a bit more relaxed with the pace and I had a bit of a look round each place I stopped, and picked scenic routes rather than the ones that would get me South at top speed. From Köln onwards the landscape kept on changing, much more rapidly than further North. I should be getting a cheap-skate computer in the next few days and then I'll put up diary entries and photos. So I'll spare y'all the details until then.

My course runs from 8:50am to 12:15pm each day so I've got plenty of free time. I'm having quite a laid back time of it on the whole. Walking past the bear enclosure on my way to the swimming pool is about the closest I've come to stress thus far (I live next to the zoo). Spent this afternoon lying in the sun by the river, reading, and gently sizzling in the afternoon heat. There's quite a powerful beach vibe in the park next to the river - everyone sunbathing/playing frisby/volleyball.

I got an email from the lovely people at SCI yesterday, so I'll pass on their thanks to everyone who's sponsored me! My Charity Giving page is still active for anyone still wanting to sponsor me, now I've done the 950km.

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  1. I cannot wait to hit the zoo. I am all ovverdembears. The background pic of this blog makes me super zuper excited. Whittling down my outfit selection this arv.WHAT WOULD THE BEARS LIKE ME IN?? Also, shall I pack a harmonica orrrr? Liebe dich xxxxx